How can I resent an email to contacts who did not open it?


  1. While working in your email draft, add your branding and fill in your email content with text and images. Click Continue when you're finished.

    Continue Button
  2. Select the lists that you want to send to. If you use additional features found on the Schedule page, like filtering lists by tags or sending to segments, the options you choose stay the same when the email is resent.
    Note: Resending to Non-Openers isn't available while running a subject line A/B test. The Early Results email does send with the original email but you won't receive a second one when your email resends.
  1. Check the "Resend to Non-Openers" box.
    Select Recipients Options and Resend to Non-Openers Option
  2. Select the number of days you want to wait before resending.
    Tip: Of all the contacts who will open your Constant Contact email, 89% open within the second day of having received it, and 93% open by the third day. Waiting for the fourth day to resend ensures you're less likely to resend an email to someone who was already going to open - which could be seen as spam and result in complaints or unsubscribes!
  1. Update your subject line to differentiate it from your original email and avoid having your resend marked as spam.
    Exclamation Point Icon Important: Emoji and special characters won’t display properly on your resend, so consider removing them in your updated subject line.
  1. Click Confirm.

    Days Drop-down Menu, Subject Line Field, and Confirm Button
  2. Choose When to Send:
    • Send Now - To immediately send to your contacts.
    • Schedule for Later - To select a future date and time to send to your contacts.
  3. Click Schedule.
    When to Send Options and Schedule Button

Results for your email are found on the Email Details page, and the data from the original send is separated from the data for the resend. If you change your mind about resending, you can cancel it any time before the date you chose.